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Jelenleg: 9
Ma: 352
Tegnap: 1458
Összesen: 1181247
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Aktuális oldal megosztása:

Short story of Új Nap Egyesület (New Sun Association ) The New Sun Association started to work in 2009. At that time it tried to assure choice with the help of young people today and forming communal place of entertainment without drugs. The association always organised charitable activities.In 2015 more members of our association thought that we should go in new direction.Most of them were committed protectors of animals.That's why we started to work for this aim.It was very important in our life becauase our association has run the Pound in Gyöngyös town since 1 Ápril 2015. It is very big task because we do not run this Pound in the usual way.Our everyday activities are curing, taking care of their soul and finding mummy or daddy for our dogs with real loving home.Our group is strictly against killing animals so we work in this way. Reproduction, inconsiderate animal keeping and leaving pets are unacceptable for us.We are committedly fighting for the dogs' better lives.We have started almost from nothing.Without money, car and equippment.At the starting time we had only a destroyed pound, some found dogs and a big enthusiastic team full of plans and ideas, determination and feeling endless love for the animals.Every starting time is difficult.We had very big problems and sometimes our hearts filled with sorrow. In spite if finding home for a lot of dogs the pound became full in a short time.But we followed our work with fighting for dogs heart and soul and we started to get help .A lot of volunteers come to help us, students want to know the life of the pound, local enterprises have placed out our donation collecting boxes, the residents of the town and its environs help us with financial aid, equippment and moral assistance.We can not say what a good feeling to know that although our work like fighting windmills, the society stands near us, supports us.We hope that we can change our dogs' lives from nightmare into fairy tales by magic. Unfortunately the number of left dogs doesn't fall, our enthusiasm is unbroken, we would like to develop but our financial possibility is very low.We are waiting and say thank for the additional help and support.For these we get the sparkling look of our dogs.

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